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Boycott Brand America

Because I am one of the millions of people against the war;

And because the American government has made it clear that it won’t listen to world opinion;

And because the symbols of American power are its corporations and their brands;

I hereby pledge to boycott Brand America, from the moment the war begins and to the best of my ability until the empire learns to listen.

To find out more and sign the pledge, visit

Kwamen in oktober 2001 nog honderdduizenden op de been, op zaterdag 18-2-2002 demonstreerden miljoenen mensen over de hele wereld tegen oorlog in Irak.
Hieronder enkele beelden van al die verschillende demonstraties.

Klik hier voor beelden van de demonstratie in Amsterdam van 22 maart 2003

Amsterdam (70.000 tot 100.000 demonstranten)

vorige Amsterdam (5.000 demonstranten) volgende