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How to get the pueblo client working for muds
This is how do i get pueblo working for starters:

Download the newest version at
(It's free, but only works for windows.)

-Download and install the program

Start the program
Accept agreement,

Make the client "Full-screen" 

Click on : Edit your personal list"
 - Name: Fataldimensions
 - Host: mud.fataldimensions.org
 - Port: 4000
Click on "Okay" , 
Click again on "Okay"

(If this doesn't work, use "Jump to the pueblo/ue world list"
Click on "Fantasy worlds" and scroldown to Fataldimensions and click on it.
Then when you are loged in, you can click with your right mouse buton to put
it on your world list)

Now you see the normal screen: click on fataldimensions

You are in the game: Lets play !

Now it already works, but it hurts my eyes, my personal settings are:
Click on : Edit - Preferences

-Apps : click on webbrowser: C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE
(Insert your own browser there (this link works for win 98 with IExplore)
Right click on your normal webbrower (start up link),
 with properties you see where your browser position is)

-Colors: links : darkblue (bottem of the first screen)
-Text input: Height of the edit window (in lines): 1
-Notification :  [x]don't flash the pueblo icon
(all the others : standard)

When you type who, you can click on the name and you get information about the person (it uses finger)
At shops etc it works the same.

Other nice things, speed walk, aliases, triggers etc.
(See the page about tin-tin commands)

Stores the fd.txt in the same directory as your pueblo program

If you make new aliases etc, then store then with #write fd.txt

The next time you start up pueblo you want your aliases and triggers etc back:
#read fd.txt

Good luck,
Smokey of Fataldimensions
(Contact: host: mud.fataldimensions.org  port: 4000 or smokey AT fataldimensions DOT org )