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Tin-tin commands for Pueblo users.
A short explination how to make aliases and triggers/actions

You can type everything what is Yellow in your pueblo screen,
when you are connected/playing in your mud/dimension.

Activate pueblo / tin tin commands:
Type: #
This enables the Tin-tin commands, speedwalk and other functions.
To make an alias:
#alias {gac} {get all corpse}
To make a trigger:
#action {You are killed} {say Oops}
Remember that triggers are not allowed in some muds.
-Fataldimensions wants that people play their self, not as a cyborg.-

To save the pueblo aliases and actions:
#write <filename>
(It stores the aliases and actions in a file in the pueblo directory)
Reading the aliases and actions you made in a text file:
#read <filename>
If something goes wrong with triggers: type:
#kill all
This removes all active triggers, aliases, etc.
Remove aliases or actions:
#unalias >newthalos and #unaction {You are killed}
A better way to remove them, is to edit the txt file.

Example file with triggers etc.

Everything on these pages are just examples how you could be able to use them. 
Using them is your own responsibility.