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27. United States of America



USA, the land of hope?

In order to start with one of the 80 questions we usually ramdom try to ask ourselves and the people we meet, this question is quite relevant during our introduction visit in september 2011. The summer is gone. In this era of slogans, one-liners and maximum content which of a tweet, we should not take these words too seriously. Or do we? The 10th commemoration of 9/11 took place. Meanwhile the president and the congres are is severe battle making governing impossible. An economical crisis is send out to the people through all channels and measures, while banks keep falling like domino stones. Slowly, one after another, when there are no more houses to take. And the USA, as major export country of culture and moral, is now at a moment where even the richest man in the country wonders if it is OK that his secretary pays more taxes then he does. Therefor this picture on this countr report, because it is lonely at the top.

America is also the country where life means action, and there are many people with an open horizon.

We see this little contribution in this countryreport as a start of an All American program.

Our journey was a short journey without truck, with only three paintings, but with a variety of impressions that will be used for the follow up, a journey with the yellow truck to the Americas.


Name : Perry
Objectives : Meet James, our American catalyst.
kilometer : 10.000 feet above

James is member of the group Drumplay and we met him a few times at Friedemans house, our master friend from Dormund, Germany.


Name : Berea Arts Fest
Objectives : Slide Show Projections

Berea arts is an open community Arts festival with 70 artists participating. This years event was at the 10 year commemoration of 9/11.

Link; Anthony Kleem, Berea Arts Fest, Drumplay

Name : Cleveland Ohio
Objectives : Promote our project
kilometer :



Name : Voice Magazine
Objectives : promote our project

Link magazine
Link article

Name : Sandy Shanti, Geneva on the Lake, OH
Objectives : Eat good food, present small presentations and listen great music

Link : Sandy Shanti

Name: Ingenuity Festival
Objectives : presentation Show Your Hope
Kilometer :

During the Pecha Kucha night at the main stage of Ingenuity taking place in the lower floor of the double slided bridge. Amazing place.

Link: Pecha Kutch, Ingenuity Festival

Name : Perry, OH
Objectives : making new empty panels
kilometer :

At James's house new panels are being made to distribute to American artist, the upcomming year. There are already 25 distributed during this journey.

Name : Drumplay
Objectives : get to the soul of things
kilometer :

S0metimes 4 and sometimes 5 good people, with the knowlegde of the meaning of life, play awesome music.

related website: Drumplay

Name : Read more Books!!!
Objectives : eum.. well....
kilometer :

Dedicated to Ties.

Link: Opendichtbus

(it looks better on our Show Your Hope facebook site)

Name : A remarkable meeting with a friend of a friend
Objectives : Get in touch
kilometer :

Rudy works at the Detroit Institute of Arts. Doing music. So driver and companion James and Rudy found each other in the center of the soul, where the music lives.

related website: DIA

Name : Detroit Institute of Arts
Objectives : resarch partnership
kilometer :

Meanwhile: see the Rivera mural painting

Name : Bedford, PA
Objectives : 2 days transit

What seems like a nice stop inbetween the cities we visit, became a major nice meeting with the Communal gallery and the Locality Gallery and workshop.

Name : Philadelphia
Objectives : Meet a friend


We met Sal Ceerceo through the Meulensteen art Center program in our hometown Eindhven, NL. There Sal was impressed by our work, took a panel and we made the deal I will come and pich it up personally. Whish we did within 20 month. The panel is to be published soon here as well.

Meet Sal and his girlfriend Tara.

Name : Philadelphia
Objectives : the capitol of murals
kilometer :

Philadelphia seemed to be the capitol of murals. Massive, Magnificent and beautifull. Over 3000 appear in the city.

Name : Jim Timborino
Objectives : art around
kilometer :

Not only in Detroit, where you can see this amazing painting of Anselm Kiefer, but also in Philaddelphia we see art all aroud. good stuff. Thank you miser Timberino.

Name : Philadelphia
Objectives : just an idea
kilometer : none

Just a thought how things might look like when we go the the US.

Name : Philadelphia
Objectives :
kilometer :

Name : Philadelphia
Objectives : presentation at the CCE

Having a nice presentation with very interested audience. We have found ourself a local partner

Name : Philadelphia
Objectives : gallery for conservation of art

The first presentation in Philly took place in this location. An superb studio for free minded people with skills.