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29. Marocco



It is good to meet Marocco the original way

Story is coming up


Name : Travelmate
Objectives : relax and enjoy
kilometer : 3801 at this journey

Nichon Glerum was my excellent travelmate. Good fun, good time. On het faceboek page is quite a nice photo album of this journey. But you better first become friends then.



Name : Chefchouan
Objectives : Arrive in Africa
kilometers: 2991 at this journey

Chefchouan is a beautiful place to arrive in Africa.


Name : Marrakesh
Objectives : sightseeing
kilometers: 3801 at this journey

In Marrakesh we did not only see the things tourists see, but also the place where leather is made. Good lord what a smell.

Name : Dahkla
Objectives : Fresh Wind
kilometer : 4978 at this journey

Senor Frank was the instigator for me to go on this journey and start investigating opportunities to go to Africa with the mobile exhibition. here were are takingsome fresh wind.



Name : Agadir
Objectives : Invite artists
kilometers: 4222 at this journey

Fassih Rashid and two of his friends have been in Netherlands before. They are very happy and ready to prepare themselfs being a participant of our exhibition. We all hope we can return as soon as possible, and meet again.


Name : Dahkla
Objectives : have another great dinner
kilometer : 4978 at this journey

We were on journey with three vehicles to be donated in Mali. We eat food and invite friends.

Name : Castel of royalties
Objectives : see if we can sneak in
kilometers: 3801 at this journey

In MArrakesh we have also been seeing things toursist have seen. We tried to sneak in just in order to see how it feels to be that naughty. It feels good, by the way.