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Our modest traveling efforts have been focussed on development and finalization of our program in the Balkans. But be sure about one thing: in case you start any kind of relation in the Balkans, be aware it takes much longer as expected.

This video started in Egypt and was transmitted in Georgia.
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Another journey preparing the Balkan selections. This time mainly in Mitrovica, Kosovo.

Great interview at RTK2 in Gracanica.
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We have never stopped inviting great artists who respond to the call for hope. There are over 800 participants now. Konstantin Kacev is one of them. We hope to present the complete Macedonian selection as soon as possible.

We had great presentations in our museum. Both at GLOW festival and during the visit of many guests who spend a night in the museum


In memoria: Milos Kodzoman
Our short meetings have been a like a preview. We were all so sorry to hear this unexpected news.



In 2013 we had a tough time making us going around. The truck is expansive and refunding the travelcosts becomes more and more difficult.

We re-opened the Inkijkmuseum with two extra rooms in order to have more public storage place.

Room B

Room C

Also we had our first preview of the new selection in Macedonia

What else did we do?
Oh yeah, we had about 15 spontanious street presentations all around balkans, aloang the way to and from Skopje. In the category Eiffel Tower, Colloseum, Brandenburger Tor... In Bosnia might that be the brige over river Drina.

In the catagory 'good introductions of the Show Your Hope program', Denis Dziuba got it all.

Also we had some presentations in commision. Nice work usually at locations where social relevance is as important as artistic relevance. Here in cooperation with 'The Combinatie'.

In memoria: Dientje van Baar
Great inspirer, protector and mother of the Show Your Hope muze called Bob.



In 2012 we had our first introduction presentations in Africa. In Mali and Marocco to be precise.
see documentation of this journey by clicking here.

As part of the European Cultural Capitol program in Maribor we have created and presented a nationwide program in cooperation with Katra Mirovic.

--> see documentation
--> see mershandise
--< see selection

We have opened our Inkijk-museum for guests who want to spend a night in room of hope.
In case you would like to make a reservation, we advice you to use the site of Air BnB.

In preparation of our new program we have established a new partnership with the Directorate of Art & Culture in Skopje, Macedonia and Labin Art Express in Croatia



In memoria: Bert Hermens
Bert is one of the inspirations of the mobile exhibition by heard and mind. Introducing us in Turkey, donating a panel hoping for conciousness. Your understanding has always been effective for us. Rest in peace, dear Bert.