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the Mobile Global Exhibition SHOW YOUR HOPE in 2005 adepted to the situation: we presented widely the new selection of the World in Netherlands at many locations who present both cultural and social cultural program.

The 2 pictures below are made at the preview in Peninsula and the aftermatch at the Ketelhuis. Both part of the Grand opening of the world at Home in TAC (see banner above on this page)

We received our first theater review at the Artimond Festival in Helmond

We were present at the National Kunstweek in the van Nelle Building in Rotterdam. See the back of the truck.

We closed the year with an artists journey to the foot of Italy. In Soriano di Callabro we attented at the winter art exhibition



the Mobile Global Exhibition SHOW YOUR HOPE in 2004 started to think about new presentations before our truck broke down.
Meanwhile we presented and investigated international options in Germany.

Our one and only presentation that triggered all the thing that happened afterwards
[picture by Bart van Overbeke]

Ruigoord Holiday weekend

Summer Academy Pentiment Hamburg, with Rik van Iersel.

At Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlin

At the Womex Worldmusic Fair in Essen

And some presentations in Netherlands, like here at the liberation festival in Eindhoven

Meanwhile we have prepared a new selection to be presented in the beginning of 2005.


the Mobile Global Exhibition SHOW YOUR HOPE started in 2003. First we collectes paintings of friends in Eindhoven. Then we went to Poland and Bosnia before returning home and joined a sponsor cycling journey to the border of Iraq. It gave us the opportunity to visit Albania and Istanbul.
These two journeys gave us the posibility to start the project with approximately 30 artists participating.

With Sjef Wiersma and the Open Dicht bus

And his son Wiel Wiersma who helped a lot getting this thing done

Starting in Bialystok, partnercity of our hometown Eindhoven

Meeting Peter Pollag and Victor Polkovic at the
Danubiana Museum in Bratislava

Visiting Miklos Grandpierre Kolosvary in Hungary

Our first vist toMetelkova with truck. This location turned out to
be a transit place for our projects.

At the national Art Gallery in Tirana, Albania

On our way into the direction of Baghdad

Meeting artists in Eskesehir, Turkey

With Rob the cycler, Gerard the cameraman and Martin the driver in Macedonia.