This is the download page for EU Companion.


From 1.3 onwards EU Companion also scans professions.

Your skills and professions can be uploaded to

See EU Companion.mht for details.


The most recent version can be downloaded from:


md5 sum for2.1:

a498f0f6a45f6d47c448d92ef679b0cd *


sha1 sum for 2.1:



Changes between 2.1 and 2.0


- added Force Merge icon

- relaxed the comparison of skill icons; now it should also work if you have 16 bit graphics

- changed error message if you have an unknown icon


Special thanks go to Blake Seven for providing disk space and bandwidth.


EU Companion.mht provides usage information and a specification of the xml file format.


Please report problems to or on

Improved output file specifications are also very welcome.





Previous versions:


md5 sum for 2.0:

aac47927aa9976dcc18ed2154c847a1a *


sha1 sum for 2.0



Changes between 2.0 and 1.3:


- Completely rewritten scanning as MA changed the font rendering in VU 8.12.

Now scanning is based on pattern matching of bitmaps (for professions, skill icons and values).

No more parsing of avatar name, soc name, soc rank under XP

Diasdvantage is also that .jpg imagess produce very bad results and should be avoided

- added support for windows 2000 (win2k and xp have a different font rendering since VU 8.12)


md5 sum for 1.3

566cf31ffd0d03b03fee2426e4d1a27b *


Sha1 sum for 1.3



Changes between 1.3 and 1.2a:

- .dat filename is now specified in outputspec.xml

- completely rewrote the skill administration

this was needed to couple skills and skill group names

side effect that unknown skills are not processed.

- tooltip now gives estimate of the # of pages missing

- added scanning of professions

- changes in output spec format

see documentation for details

- changes in the xml file output format

added professions

- debug mode now writes files in current dir

- changed default name of .csv file (from stats* to skills*)

- introduced .csv file for professions.

- modified screen capturing code, now the prog just copies data from the clipboard

- improved OCR code as there are two different bold fonts (arialbd and boldened arial)

- extended timeout after which a file is written to 30 seconds

md5 sum for 1.2a

ae379e9795a0898f7eced283f848dc84 *


Changes between 1.2a and 1.2:


Fixed small typo in stats.xsl (Defence -> Defense)


Changes between 1.2 and 1.1:


- parse also screenshots made in windowed mode

note: window must be completely on the screen

- improved character matching algorithm

- added code to capture screens (triggered by the PrintScreen button)

file with statistics is written after 5 seconds of inactivity

- play sound

- when in screen capture mode when processing is OK and when an error occurs

- when in file mode only when an error occurs.

- xml based output file specification. (file outputspec.xml)

- show program in task tray

- show # of skill pages parsed when a page is added

- add option to start minimized

- icon tooltip shows skills and pages

- changed apply and cancel buttons in options dialog (standard in windows is apply first)

- added minimize button


md5 sum for 1.1:

50e9f4a70facee34faf73376e4980464 *EU Companion


Changes between 1.1 and 1.0.1


- new UI (button based)

- added code to launch pe assistant/entropia universe/PE Stats Displayer

- added ini file to store settings

- added option panel to configure applications

- rewrote white space detection

- store .dat file in PE Stats directory (and in the current dir if the PE stats dir is faulty

- give - - - for the professions, otherwise upload in PE Stats Displayer fails.


md5sum for the 1.0.1:

9f58dcaa19e8015bc44ae33e70318251 *EU


This version fixes the following problems:

-         Increased buffer size for storing filenames (thanks Microsoft for giving such a tiny default buffer :-( )

-         parsing of digit 3 in soc names (thanks 3-Toed Sloths)
(MA uses a different 3 character in soc names than it does in numeric values)

-         relaxed the pattern matching code
This increases reliability for .jpg files

-         use the last modification date of the bitmaps for filename generation instead of the creation date
(this gives a better time indicator if the files are copied)


If you get unknown stats being displayed in PE Stats Displayer (under the more tab) typically your bitmaps are of insufficient quality to be parsed reliable. Please retry, grabbing the data as .a png bitmap with PE Assistant.


If your avatar name or soc name is not properly parsed (e.g. because you have odd characters in the name), I appreciate a bitmap at

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