JW's Hokkie
Master of TimeNL That's dutch for JW's Shack.
Yes, I'm dutch, if not double dutch

The guy behind the gun, that's me.
Not a gun to shoot and kill, but
to travel in space and time...

if you say now he's wack,
right, welcome to my shack!
You won't know me, probably.
During the Joti, you could have found me on IRC with the nick trip. This has nothing to do with travel or tripping. It's just a nice address: trip@trip.to

JW stands for Jan Willem, which translates into John Bill

The picture was actually taken at a Scouts Camp for our District. Scouting is my nr. 1 hobby. I created a website for my Scouting Group: Scouting.isGreat.net   Do visit.

During the week I spend my time as a student. Maybe some day, I'll write down something about my many kicks.

If you want to know more, you can mail me.