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I have changed to a desktop Hi-Fi system.
My Hi-Fi system comprises the following components:

Laptop with foobar2000 and TIDAL
TEAC AI-101DA integrated amplifier with digital to analog converter
HECO Music Colors 100 speakers

Photo of a previous setup

Previously Used Equipment

Philips CD 207, Technics ?, Philips CD 950, Marantz CD6000 KI Signature, Rotel RCD-991, Naim CD5x

Naim HDX

D/A Converters:
BEHRINGER SRC2496, music hall dac25.2, Rega DAC, TC Electronic BMC-2

Denon PRA-1500, Rotel RC-980BX, Marantz 3250B, Linn Kairn, Naim NAC 92 R, Quad 99 Pre-Amplifier, Audio Research LS8 MKII, Naim NAC 202, Cambridge Audio C500, TentLabs Remote Volume Control, Bel Canto PRe3

Integrated Amplifiers:
Rotel RA-840BX2, Marantz PM-80SE, Denon PMA-925R, Naim NAIT 5, Onix OA21S, MOON i-3 RS, Micromega A120, S.M.S.L. SA-S3, S.M.S.L. SA-50

Power Amplifiers:
Marantz MA500, Meridian 555, Naim NAP 180, Linn LK85, Meridian 556, Marantz MA6100, Marantz SM-11S1, Audiolab 8000P, PS Audio Trio A-100, Micromega S120, Naim NAP 100

Elipson 1302, Etude Ikaros, Audio & Techniek PMR, Realistic Minimus ?, B&W CM1, Klipsch KG 5.2, JMR Opera, Elipson 1402, Tannoy Mercury M1, Dynaudio Audience 40, Bose 141, Jamo 68, Translator Heliodoor, Spendor LS3/5a, Cabasse Sampan 310, KEF Chorale, KEF Cresta, KEF C30, Linn Nexus, B&W DM4, KEF Cantata, KEF 103.2, Wharfedale Diamond III, Rega Ara, Spendor SP1/5, Wharfedale Denton 2, Tannoy Mercury M20, KEF C80, JBL L100 Century, KEF Concerto, Linn Majik 140, Boston Acoustics A25, B&W DM23, ELAC FS 68.2, Wharfedale Diamond IV, Spendor SR5

I have tried to put the equipment in the order of use.