Bed source:

bed-3.0.0.src.tar.xz      (748K)  SIGN

See Terminal emulation requirements
x86-64 binary:
bed_3.0.0_amd64.deb     (440K) SIGN

Install with (you should have installed libhyperscan, libmagic libncurses and libre2):

ar x bed_3.0.0_amd64.deb
rm control.tar.gz
tar -a -xf data.tar.xz -C /
Uninstall with:
bash /usr/share/bed/ 
x86-32 binary: bed_3.0.0_i386.deb     (464K) SIGN

armhf binary (compiled within debian Jessie) bed_3.0.0_armhf.deb     (356K) SIGN
Android 17 arm binary (compiled with NDK) bed-3.0.0-arm-android-17.tar.gz     (712K) SIGN
See in the source for more information about using bed on android devices.

Windows 64 bit cygwin binary (pdcurses):     (3.7M) SIGN
Windows 32 bit cygwin binary (pdcurses):     (1.5M) SIGN
The unzip the zip file in c:\ (with create subdirectories enabled). bed.exe and cygwin1.dll end up in c:\Windows other files in c:\Program Files\bed. If you like to use x:\Program Files\bed instead (with x another drive number), you should load a copy of bed.exe in bed.exe and change every occurrence of c/Program Files to x/Program Files and every occurrence of c:\Program Files to x:\Program Files (using replace: Alt-e,e).
cygwin1.dll is now included in the zip file. One and only one exemplar of cygwin1.dll should be in a directory included in PATH. Using multiple copies gives problems. Using a cygwin1.dll version very different from 1.7.5-1 is also likely to give problems.
If you want to run the MS Windows version of bed within xterm or rxvt, download also the following package and put bedn.exe in c:\Program Files\bed
It is not advisable to use the ncurses version in I managed to make it work, but only by making the menu respond slower to keystrokes. Probably the exact delay is different on different computers. You can change the delay with the following command within set NCURSESDELAY=4 The value of NCURSESDELAY is the number of tenths of seconds and is given to the ncurses command halfdelay(). De default value is 5. In earlier versions of ncurses it worked with a value of 1. This is only used in the ncurses version in a windows console.     (2.3M) SIGN     (276K) SIGN
WARNING: As in all cases where other cygwin programs are installed, when you use the ncurses version it is absolutely nessessary to remove cygwin1.dll out of c:\windows and to rely entirely on /bin/cygwin1.dll
Be carefull never to start bed in a directory where another cygwin1.dll is lying around.

To compile bed for win32 you need:

Previous versions compiled also under win95, FreeBSD32, FreeBSD64 and OpenSolaris. I haven't tried this version.

Previous versions: tripod and dse

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