The Mobile Global Exhibition
Project statement

Feeds 2015:

7 mercies and 7 spiritual merciesIn IJsselstein region

Jolly good UK introduction journey.

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Feeds 2014:

Local activities at Dutch Design Week and GLOW

Travel experiences
in Balkans.

Interview about Kosovo

Visit Egypt and get to Georgia, Feb.2014 
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Feeds 2013:

Travel update Balkan 2013 including a great introductionfilm in Istria

Brief overview of 10 years Show Your Hope

Feeds 2012:

2012 Slovene catalogue is finished.

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The African report is finished.
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Feeds 2011:

126 great short presentations at the public storage of this project at the anniversary days of the Inkijkmuseum.

Crowdfunding campagne started in order to keep the museum

USA introductions in Cleveland, Detroit, Bedford and Philadelphia.
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before: yearly overviews since 2003



12 years of Show Your Hope

In June 2003 we have received the first paintings. In 2013 we celebrated 10 years of mobile exhibition Show Your Hope. We have been able to visit and present in many countries, convinced hundreds of artists to participate, showed it to many spectators and have more people on our mailinglist as we are able to reach.
Meanwhile we have opened a little museum as public storage called Inkijkmuseum.
We need it because we love it.
See our new Agenda

Guestroom in our museum

We have opened our museum for guests who want to spend the night in the smallest museum in the country with the biggest international contemporary art collection.
We prefer you to book through the website of AirBnB

Cross Channel Show

For the first time the mobile exhibition visited the UK. Have a look at the largest street theater festival in the world on Edinburgh Fringe.
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Presenting more new paintings on Tour in Balkans

The mobile exhibition made a major new selection in Slovenia in 2011/2012 and since then made several presnetations all around the Balkans.
The first selection The World in Slovenia is presented in Maribor at the European Cultural Capitol program.

Prezi Publication
with great overview documentation
More info about Sloven selection

In 2013/4 a new second selection is created in Macedonia. We now look for opportunities to publish and present this selection.
Also selections in other Former Yugoslav republics are in preparation.
re in preparation

Grand Opening Party Week Berlin

Special event presenting the new Berlin catalogue on the very special day: 7th of july 2011.
500 paintings from 125 countries plus live music and almost 10.000 visitors. Just a great relaxing and intense non stop event. Thank Y'all.
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Special education program
[In Dutch Only]

Programma speciaal voor scholen voor het voortgezet onderwijs. Dit programma toont honderden beelden die speciaal voor dit project zijn gemaakt en vertellen over de wereld van vandaag.
Meer informatie [uk site under construction]


A special program to maintain the Inkijkmuseum is comming up in 2015/2016.



special selection on Child Labour
our mobile theater
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