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My Hi-Fi system comprises the following components:

Naim HDX harddisk-player
TC Electronic BMC-2 digital to analog converter
Bel Canto PRe3 preamp
Naim Audio NAP 100 power amplifier
Spendor SR5 speakers

Photo of previous setup

The electronics are placed on/in an Ikea Corras.
Analog interconnect is Van den Hul The JUBILEE HYBRID.
Loudspeaker cable is Tasker C276.

Previously Owned Equipment

Philips CD 207, Technics ?, Philips CD 950, Marantz CD6000 KI Signature, Rotel RCD-991, Naim CD5x

D/A Converters:
BEHRINGER SRC2496, music hall dac25.2, Rega DAC

Integrated Amplifiers:
Rotel RA-840BX2, Marantz PM-80SE, Denon PMA-925R, Naim NAIT 5, Onix OA21S, MOON i-3 RS, Micromega A120, S.M.S.L. SA-S3, S.M.S.L. SA-50

Denon PRA-1500, Rotel RC-980BX, Marantz 3250B, Linn Kairn, Naim NAC 92 R, Quad 99 Pre-Amplifier, Audio Research LS8 MKII, Naim NAC 202, Cambridge Audio C500, TentLabs Remote Volume Control

Power Amplifiers:
Marantz MA500, Meridian 555, Naim NAP 180, Linn LK85, Meridian 556, Marantz MA6100, Marantz SM-11S1, Audiolab 8000P, PS Audio Trio A-100, Micromega S120

Elipson 1302, Etude Ikaros, Audio & Techniek PMR, Realistic Minimus ?, B&W CM1, Klipsch KG 5.2, JMR Opera, Elipson 1402, Tannoy Mercury M1, Dynaudio Audience 40, Bose 141, Jamo 68, Translator Heliodoor, Spendor LS3/5a, Cabasse Sampan 310, KEF Chorale, KEF Cresta, KEF C30, Linn Nexus, B&W DM4, KEF Cantata, KEF 103.2, Wharfedale Diamond III, Rega Ara, Spendor SP1/5, Wharfedale Denton 2, Tannoy Mercury M20, KEF C80, JBL L100 Century, KEF Concerto, Linn Majik 140, Boston Acoustics A25, B&W DM23, ELAC FS 68.2, Wharfedale Diamond IV

I have tried to put the equipment in the order of ownership.